this hangs in the studio i work at in oakland it’s great

this hangs in the studio i work at in oakland it’s great

Last night, I went to play an open mic in Long Beach. I played a new song and that was nice to feel out with an audience. The open mic coordinator, Rod, had some very kind things to say about my music. He invited me out to an open mic in Fullerton on Tuesday which I’m looking forward to. As I was leaving the coffee house, a text came in from a Sofar coordinator inviting me to perform next weekend in Long Beach. I have zero details about the gig, but I’m certainly excited for the opportunity. No expectations is key. Just to play my songs for a few people who haven’t heard them is great. I also have a 30 min set locked in sometime in October, which will also be in Fullerton.

This last Sunday night, I went down to the pier and busked for a while. Over the course of a few hours, I drew in a small crowd and made about $100. One gentleman approached me with a 20 in his hand and requested very politely, “I want you to play the song you think you sound best playing, and then I want you to play the song you enjoy playing the best.”. He and a few others sat quietly and listened. It was an experience that I wasn’t ready for. But I appreciated the moment very much. It was hard for me to believe that people were enjoying my singing and I kept wanting to apologize.

The artwork for my single has just been finalized and I’m very happy with it. The song will be released on Oct. 22.

So there’s some great things happening with music!

One thing I’m struggling with right now is allowing myself some room. I mean, even in a very general sense, this is true. But more specifically: there’s room for my music and I need to just start believing and understanding that. I don’t get to choose who enjoys my music and why they like it. All I can do is be me and the rest is out of my control. And that means that some people that I respect and admire might not think highly of my work. But that doesn’t make my work invalid or less valuable. It just means I’m doing something different. I’ll be the first to admit that in some ways, I’m stuck in high school still when it comes to the caliber of music I listen to and the music I write. But also. This is my journey and I’m going to progress at my own pace and I can’t change myself in order to feel affirmed by others. This blog is a great example of allowing myself room. It’s literally an online diary where I process my experiences as a songwriter. WHAT COULD BE LESS COOL. But I write it because I want to and I’m trying to just say fuck the rest. Be yourself.

Ashton York