in ojai with sarah and friends on 7.2.19

in ojai with sarah and friends on 7.2.19

I start my new coffee job in Long Beach tomorrow morning. I’m a little worried that I didn’t think this decision through very thoroughly. The money is terrible and I don’t expect the work to be very stimulating. But on the other hand, two more paychecks every month, new opportunities to meet future friends, and decreased idle time in my week will be quite nice. I think those are my real goals with the gig.

Lately I’ve been waiting for a new wave of creativity to hit me. But it turns out that I have to leave the sandy shore and actually get into the ocean in order to experience the waves. (Both the delivery and the analogy itself is terribly cringe-y and hilarious, which makes it fun to write. But also, I think it’s true to my experience.). Last night, I applied myself just slightly more than I have in recent months. I got into the water. I was able to come up with more sophisticated chord structures, more interesting lyric ideas/themes, and also found some nice sweeping melodies that felt original. Whenever (and if ever) I finish the song, I expect for the studio recording to sound like experimental metal, with harsh guitars and crazy synths and fun vocal production. I feel very free to pursue different sounds and styles in the studio. Thanks to Greg.

Going back to this analogy of the waves: This last weekend, while in Santa Barbara for Sarah’s birthday, a friend and I waded in the waves and dove into them head first. While floating in the ocean, not too far from shore, I felt out of control and slightly nervous, but I also felt a sense of peace and wonder. Maybe that’s why this creativity analogy came so quickly.

Sarah and I are headed to Portland and Seattle this Monday! I am very much looking forward to exploring new cities and neighborhoods. We have a loose itinerary, thanks to a few friends who have steered us in a good direction with recommendations of all sorts. It should be a very easy going and fun few days. We’re technically celebrating Sarah’s birthday and our 5th anniversary (since they’re only days apart), so the agenda is to relax and celebrate.

Today, I began collaborating with the artist who is designing the artwork for my next release. I’m intrigued and I have full confidence that this artist understands the heart of my song and will find the right visual component to compliment it. I’m looking forward to the final product very much.

My quarter 2 earnings off of streams and downloads of my songs came in this week. $100! That’s the most I’ve ever made off of my recordings. If I continue to produce and release music, in five years, my quarterly earnings could be much higher. I love long term investment and delayed gratification just as much as I hate it!

That’s all for now. If you’re reading this, a small reminder to love the ones you have and find as much joy and presence in each moment as possible. Life is fleeting and our time is short. This has definitely become a conscious goal of mine.

Ashton York