the artwork for my next release will be based on this photo

the artwork for my next release will be based on this photo

Greg has been sending me some really cool mixes lately. I had a strange epiphany the other day when I was thinking about him. I think maybe just because of the way I was raised, I tend to look at those I admire as robot-humans who are in on a joke that I’m not in on. A weird part of my brain likes to think people are perfect and I’m the only fucked up one. It’s so difficult for me to consider that my friends and peers are also having this human experience, finding their way one day at a time, struggling to achieve their goals, dealing with their own set of difficulties or setbacks.. just like me. Anyways, it’s just been easier to see Greg as a friend and young professional, rather than an all-knowing producer who is stooping down to my god-awful level.

I am slowly improving at guitar, although I’m bummed to admit that I haven’t been dedicating as much as time as I should be to guitar practice. I’ll get there. It’s a journey. And I have to do it for me. I’ve been toying with some different verses and song ideas, but nothing is really peaking my interest yet. I think that I need to focus a lot on my guitar playing. My music proficiency is ultimately what will drive interesting and new song ideas. But Greg and I are working on two songs quite slowly. They’ll be released separately and they won’t be a part of a bigger project. Just one-offs really.

Here’s some lyrics I’ve been working on. They’re not very cohesive and in the beginning stages. In the end, I probably won’t even pursue this tune. But here it is anyways. Wish they were more concise and fleshed out, but that’s the beauty of this blog I suppose (being slightly sarcastic).

The days and weeks following

Valentine’s weekend

Quietly, they pedaled off

In the rain

The time it takes, the clouds that hang

Mysterious are the wonders

Nobody would notice anyway

You didn’t belong

Morning comes without a cause

Preying on my lonely

Looking for a better shot

In the light

Clouded calm and bluest love

Built a home to hold me

And I don’t know what it is

I’m running from

Now that you’re gone

I mean there’s some decent ideas and some silly ones in here. But writing lyrics has never been my strong suit, and it takes time for me to flesh out ideas and zero in on a song. That’s all for now.

Ashton York