my release plan for the year!

my release plan for the year!

A week ago, I felt like time was flying right past me, leaving me aimless and confused. And now I feel motivated and excited. I didn’t know what direction to go in this year. But then I realized that there is literally nothing in my way and I can do whatever it is I really I want to do. I am living rent free until February 2020, and I am going to make the most of it. I’m going to get my life under control and begin to build a savings, build my credit, and make a record all at the same time.

The record will be six songs (subject to change, but probably won’t), and it’s going to cost a little less than 14k. As of now, my main concern is whether the engineer I work with will say yes to the project. If he says no, then I might have to scratch the whole thing and make a new plan. But hopefully it all works out!

The release plan is basically dictated by my budget. I can’t raise 14k all at once, make the record, and then release it. But I also don’t want to wait to release new music until the end of the year. So I decided to release the music in three parts. Every two months, I will release a double-single (which means two songs together). This idea came to me after I decided on the track list. I realized that each pair of songs were in similar keys and had similar lyrical content.

I think releasing new content throughout the year is a great way to build awareness and keep folks engaged.

On May 31, my Instagram will go live (after several months of deactivation), and I will begin posting about the new project every few days. I am currently learning a lot about IG, social media in general, and about branding and marketing. I think this will definitely be my strongest release strategy to date. And the music will be even stronger. I’m pretty excited.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk more about my life, and how this project fits into my personal goals, etc.

Ashton York