Sarah sent this to me this morning from Oslo

Sarah sent this to me this morning from Oslo

Tonight, after work, I’m driving up north. I won’t be off work until midnight or so, but I need to be in Benicia, CA by 11am tomorrow. I don’t know why I do this shit to myself. I’m sort of frustrated right now because my car is costing me so much money and stress lately. I spent 2k just maintaining it last month, and now my headlight is out, and my back tire has a leak, and I’m late for registration, which is costing me $900 because of parking tickets that I never took care of in Santa Barbara. Obviously, these things are totally my fault, and I’m just frustrated with myself and also annoyed with how much it costs to have a car in California. Anyways. It will be fine. Everything’s fine.

I’ve just looking forward to Monday when I can relax and enjoy family.

I have to go to work now. But I wanted to post the lyrics to a new song I’m working on in the studio this week.

out the window

i can see the cat

as she plays in the yard

what does she know?

nothing or everything?

drifting below

i can feel a soft aching

desperate for air

i have nothing

to say to grief

just as i am losing

headlights through the blinds

your Love is on time

come in alone

i want to feel your body

against mine at ease

not that i’m home

not that i’ll ever be

through the window

i can hear the cat

as she howls in the dark

you’re still on top of me

anything but human

just shy of divine

your Love is a light


i’m a stupid man

for making you wait

time and again


would you understand

if i wasn’t


in a storm

in a lie

in a darkness

my whereabouts

would be wherever you are

and if i could only say to you

your Love is a light

Ashton York