in honor of the sun coming out today. photo by the one and only Sarah Bailey

in honor of the sun coming out today. photo by the one and only Sarah Bailey

Today, I’m trying to prepare for my trip up north this next week. I haven’t been home since June last year. I plan on laying low, seeing family, going to Goat Rock beach, and then I’ll be spending three days with Greg at the studio. Napa mostly just makes me feel anxious and frustrated. I don’t like it there. But it’s so beautiful this time of year, so I look forward to just driving around. I think I’m going to visit my dad’s grave. It’s peaceful there, and it helps me to remember him. My grandfather isn’t doing well (dad’s dad), so I’m hoping to spend an evening with him. He is really one of a kind. I love Grandpa Joe.

When I arrive to town on Sunday, I’m playing a song at a cafe for my friends dad as he proposes to his girlfriend. It’s not paid and it honestly sounds like an awkward mess waiting to happen, but these are the things I get myself into. But I get to play “Make It With You” by Bread, which is fucking awesome. Sarah always makes fun of me for my weird gigs. Something many folks don’t know about me is how open I am to any opportunity. I have always played the weirdest, smallest, most underpaid, and down right shitty gigs. (Not that this is one of them). But, because all of my strange experiences, I can read a crowd just as good as anyone and I am a versatile performer. I’m proud that I’m good at putting myself in uncomfortable situations.

I’m so excited to get back into the studio. I’ve got two songs to focus on and I just can’t wait to see them take form. Here are some demos for after all and your Love is light. I think they’ll end up being acoustic driven, but I’m hearing some synths and interesting guitar sounds. I’m in a really experimental mood.

Today, I work at the restaurant and hopefully its busy. Lately I haven’t been working as much because it’s still pretty slow out.

One thing I wanted to say on here before I go. Today, I’m sending an email out to friends and family about my EP. I send emails every so often. It feels strange to advertise my music to people back home who I don’t much keep up with. But I feel like at this point I’m making some decent, honest music. I don’t write and produce music with marketability as a huge focus. So I share it personally with those I think might appreciate it. People who know me. Or who have known me. I see my music as a “best kept secret”. What I’m saying is that I’m not sending emails because I want people to care. I don’t care who cares. I just want it to be available and known about. Because I believe in what I do. And ultimately, my email list is made up of folks who I grew up with. People who have impacted me through the years. Okay, that’s all.

Ashton York