hung out in long beach yesterday and discovered it is my future home. i loved the neighborhood i was in and decided that i want to live in this apartment someday!

hung out in long beach yesterday and discovered it is my future home. i loved the neighborhood i was in and decided that i want to live in this apartment someday!

Today is Friday. I’m serving at the restaurant and my shift starts in about an hour. I’m going to apply at a few cool spots in Long Beach tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be able to cut back at my current job since it’s such a long drive (Lakewood to South Pasadena).

I’ve been mulling over different ideas for my next project and here are my current thoughts:

I really enjoyed working on your Love is a light with Greg the other week because it’s such a new song for me. I think what really kills my creativity and excitement is when I sit on a song too long before I hit the studio. So I was thinking of bringing unfinished ideas/lyrics/melodies to Greg and just starting from scratch and writing while we produce, instead of coming with a full-fledged song. This process would take longer and cost much more money, so it definitely isn’t an efficient way to work. But it sure is gratifying to watch a song come together in the studio.

The other idea is just to bring a couple of my best finished songs to Greg and add to them by producing in a creative and interesting way. For example, maybe we’ll make a change to the arrangement or revise a melody or create a part that really adds to the quality of the song. I think this is the more efficient and smart way to go about the next project. But I’m having trouble thinking of songs that I feel would go well together.

I’d like to potentially release a summer EP, but many of my songs are quite downcast as far as melody and lyrics go. But then I think of your Love is a light and I am reminded that we could probably produce the tunes in a way where they feel a little more light and airy, while also meshing well together. My specific vision for the next project is as follows. It changes literally every day but here’s what I’m feeling today.

P1080092 2.JPG

I like this photo. I’ve had it for a few years. I think it could be a great EP cover.

I was thinking the track list could go something like this:

your Love is a light

After All


Psalm 77


Don’t Let Me Down

I realize these titles mean nothing to the reader, but whatever. In my head it seems like a cool idea. My only hiccup with the track listing is that the themes of the songs are all over the place, and I don’t really like that. I feel like listeners are attracted to concise projects that have central messages. your Love is basically a love song for Sarah, and so is After All, so I guess that’s a good start. But Steven is about my father’s death and contemplating spirituality a bit. Then Psalm 77 is basically just the book of Psalm 77 put to melody. It’s mainly just about feeling neglected by God and yearning to feel His closeness in a time where He feels distant. It’s filled with anguish and frustration and sadness. So I guess that could go well after Steven. Then Brother is about a friendship coming to a close. Don’t Let Me Down would close out the EP which deals with disappointment, failure, and self-worth. Now that I think about it, the first verse of Don’t Let Me Down was inspired by the same friend that I wrote Brother about. Kinda cool actually.

I guess all in all, this EP’s central themes would be loss, grief, and hope that hangs in the balance. Maybe these songs could work well together? Also, to reiterate, a similar production style between the tracks could really help glue the tunes together. Now that I write it all down, I feel pretty good about it haha. Writing is such a good processing tool.

Okay time for work.

Ashton York