tha juice joint jam at the study in hollywood last night ! really an amazing experience

tha juice joint jam at the study in hollywood last night ! really an amazing experience

I spent the majority of my day jamming with a new friend in Venice yesterday. We swapped guitar licks and chords, talked at length about our experiences in music, and even took apart one of my songs and rearranged it! It was really refreshing to spend time with a musician who is highly skilled and connected. He offered some good advice, and gave his honest opinion of my approach and current focus. On top of being really skilled and knowledgeable, he was kind and genuine, allowing me to be myself completely. Leaving his house at 11pm, having attained new skills and knowledge, I headed toward The Study in Hollywood upon his recommendation.

When I walked into The Study, I was filled with genuine awe and excitement. It was an incredible few hours of pure jam. I will probably attend again next week.

Tonight, I’m heading to my third show in three days! One of my goals for the month was to get out more and explore the music scene. The first four months of living in LA were very stressful, and most of my time went to working two jobs, so it’s nice to have the means and the flexibility to get out and meet other musicians.

Today I pitched my upcoming release to Spotify’s Editorial Playlists. Recently, Spotify opened up the opportunity for artists to pitch one song from each upcoming release DIRECTLY for Spotify Editorial Playlists. This is the pitch I wrote up for my song “Space In Between” :

“Space In Between deals mostly with grief and loss. In the verses, I am reflecting on my relationship with my father and lamenting his death. But the chorus is from my father's perspective. Musically, you can hear the influence of Neil Young, who I have long considered one of my songwriting heroes. Ellwood EP was recorded at the end of a studio session in November 2018. It wasn't planned. My motivation was just to hear the songs back, not to release them.”

The chances of this song being placed on a Spotify playlist is very low because I am not a very active artist and my listener base is very small, but it doesn’t hurt to take every opportunity!

Ashton York