Sarah and I at some boardwalk in San Diego on 2.18.19. Fun day with family!

Sarah and I at some boardwalk in San Diego on 2.18.19. Fun day with family!

I logged off of social media last week. It feels good. My phone battery lasts longer, I’m reading and writing more, and I’m generally less anxious. I’ve been trying to stay current with local and national news, plus FOX news is constantly on in the living room (LOL).

On February 1, I moved from Los Angeles to Lakewood, CA to stay with my great aunt and uncle. They’ve graciously offered their spare room to me for twelve months so that I can save and focus more on music. I’m very grateful, and I feel a general excitement about this year.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working at a restaurant in South Pasadena five nights a week. My commute is easy and never takes longer than 30 min. I’ve been bussing tables and also training for a server position they’d like me to fill.

Today, my good friend Steven is in town from New York, and we’re planning on filming something. Sounds like we may get his friend Rick involved, who is a local legend in my opinion.. so i’m looking forward to seeing what happens today.

I just booked my first studio session for the year. In March, I’ll head to Oakland to work on an old tune called “After All”. From a production stand point, I have no idea what to expect. I was texting Greg (primary engineer I work with) the other day and I told him I want to try on a few different stylistic outfits and just see what feels good. Greg thinks a relatively simple acoustic vibe could do the song well, and while I agree, I’ve also been leaning towards a more synth/electric piano vibe. I’ve been listening to a good amount of instrumental music lately and I’m feeling more inclined to approach the recording process with creativity and an open mind. I’m taking my time with this tune, and I’m excited to explore!

Ashton York