Lose Again


New single coming 9.29.17


Ashton York

Ashton York is a Southern California based singer songwriter. Originally from a small town in the Bay Area, Ashton’s music reflects a slower pace through his melancholy melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and laid back tempos. His debut album, titled “You Are My Sanity”, is set to release Winter of 2017. It’s raw production and minimalistic approach lends to the heart of each song while providing the listener with an honest and relatable experience. 


     Ashton’s sound ranges from folk acoustic to contemporary pop with nuances of post-rock. He has written and recorded on three projects, and has been performing from the age of 14. More recently, Ashton has released several successful music videos, live performance videos, and two singles. He performs regularly at Southern CA venues such as Hotel Cafe, The Mint, Soho, etc.




Beach Song

Sav Blues